Problem with a link send through DM

Hi guys,

I have a problem with one of my accounts. I sent a DM with a link to my website to a potential client and got this error:

Problem With This Link - The link you’re trying to follow redirects to [mywebsite] and may be malicious.
Make sure to follow links from sources you trust. Learn more.

My website has been made with WordPress and is not malicious at all. I am able to send other links, so my accounts doesn’t seem to be flagged. I also tried to send the link from my friends phone and it didn’t work either.

Any solution to this problem?

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From where you got your domain? I understood that you need to secure your website in order to not get it hacked, malwared (if that’s an word anyway lol) or any sort of problems. I’ve understood from a friend of ours that she had to pay extra to ensure that her domain link was secure, because it showed as such.


So if you have that on your website, I understood that you need to get it secured. How I can’t tell you because I never had such issues.