Problem with Analyzing Real or Fake followers

Hey, so analyzed this in phlanx, social and got this:

SS1 graph:

SS1 stats:



But those 3 accounts have normal human comments related to the posts and not like 1-2 word and emojis that are robot like. But those graphs and stats gives second thought.

Are those accounts real and not bots or am I doing something wrong?

Anyone can help?

Bumping this…

You should also check these accounts’ followers’ list. Usually, it’s a tell of how real an account is. For example, fake followers are accounts with a random name and private profile.

But, if you say that these accounts have real engagement, then, they must be real.

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Are these comments in response to a comment?

It’s possible that they could be hit with a follower purge and Instagram is just removing the bot followers.

Check their Engagement Rate
Also you can look into some of the people that like the posts, if most of them are not followed to the actual page then it’s most likely inflated by fake likes

You can take a look at some people that they are following you might see some similar stats or close to each other, also you can see on igblade how many people are following them day by day and also how many people they are following