Problem with BlazingSEO proxies

Hey! Just bought 5 proxies yesterday from BlazingSEO proxies.
So far, created 3 instagram account with 3 of them.

Today I got an e-mail from them saying that they changed one of my proxies to a new one:

We have determined a proxy of yours to be down. It could be software or hardware related on our proxy server, but nonetheless we have replaced your proxy for you automatically. Most times proxies are down for a matter of a few minutes, and at most a few hours. If you do not want to bother replacing any dead proxies, make sure to CHECK the top box on your settings page:

The proxies replaced are:


with the following proxies:


By the way I checked all of my proxies on, and I got evaluation 1 on all of my proxies (based on what is stated on their website: A value of 1 means that IP is explicitly banned (a web host, VPN, or TOR node) by our static lists.))

I also checked all the proxies in
All seems fine, but almost all of them have 1-2 red flags on some sites.

I have no knowledge in proxies, as I have started just on Massplanner with instagram.
Just bought proxies, created new IG accounts and they work fine (only used 3 proxies out of 5).

Should I carry much about the analysis of the proxies that those two websites are giving?

Do you check all your proxies before creating/running your social media accounts on massplanner?
How you do that?

I may pay much higher prices for proxies if I would know that none of them will go down or may have issues.

Welcome to the world of BlazingSEO proxies - they work fine up until you wake up one day to find that Blazing have retired some of them and given you brand new ones. No prior warning.


Weird, as they seem to have good ratings on the big thread.
I’m thinking of getting InstantProxies. Are they any good?

You shouldn’t face any problems if you tick the box saying that your proxies should never be automatically changed.
However, I wouldn’t advise anyone to use blazingseo proxies for Instagram since I am having a waaaay higher ban rate with them. Less with Buyproxies and the least with @HenryCooper proxies.

Funny enough, I actually had that boxed checked.

It it does not apply to proxies they need to “retire”. That is what support told me.

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Well said !

i work with BLAZINGSEO proxies for almost a year with no issue at all !

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So do you guys suggest me to find another provider and not buy any more proxies from BlazingSEO?

That site detects IF it’s a proxy or VPN as well as bad for the website owner to protect himself against that kind of traffic.

service that determines how likely an IP address is a proxy / VPN / bad IP using advanced mathematical and modern computing techniques

What you said is very accurate. Even though your proxies are being detected as proxies by, it doesn’t mean that the websites you’re using your proxies on are also using this website to detect proxies. As you have shown from your personal experience, your proxies work fine. So it does not matter if a site or a service is able to detect it or not, it matters if the site you’re using your proxies on are detecting proxies or not.

Most site owners simply do not care and have no proxy traffic detection at all.