Problem with browser automation/botting

Is anyone here still doing successfully automation per browser?
Because I’m struggling, I mean my bot is struggling. Since the latest IG update my bot isn’t working properly anymore. It’s a very unknown chrome extension but with awesome features.
My problem is after doing maybe 120 likes I get an error. I can’t go to profiles anymore, doesn’t matter if it is my own or others. All it is saying “Error - Try again in a few minutes”. If I turn the bot off the error goes away in an hour. Strange thing the error only happens in the browser. I can still navigate to the profiles on my phone fine. So do they detect it?
My settings are quite normal/slow-ish too. I like every 7-28 secs a post, after 50 likes there is a random sleep round. I like posts based on if they interacted with a specific post.
So perhaps the problem is the scraping?
Before the update, I could like 1200 posts in a day (in 4-5 hours) without getting blocked or anything. Now I can’t even do 200.

Anyone else have this problem or is it just me?

What is this extension?

I see it in many browser automations.
If they can’t detect it, well … they must block actions with it.

So you think that every extension is affected by this?
Last I heard Everliker was still working, how?

I know it is not working – not detected as a bot but as a like exchanger. 7 days block

This is IG Limit. to avoid limit. you need to set random duration about 40 - 120 seconds per action. but its also depend your age account and proxy. if you run bot. you need warming up first before do fast action

If the problem goes away quickly you might be hitting some hourly limit on your account. 120 sounds like a lot in one hour.

Age is about 3 years, I don’t use a proxy, I use my own IP because I only run this account.
Account was warmed up before. 2-3 Months ago I could do so much without getting the error.
Some on another forum pointed out that it might hit the scraping limit or it scraps to fast. Perhaps because of the filters. I tried Jarvee some days ago and I again get this error with EB.

So 15-30s is still to fast for the new update? Bummer.

Is it tho? 2-3 months ago I was doing about 230 likes just fine in an hour. Even with J I get this error, so dunno what I’m doing wrong.