Problem with follow back


Does anyone from us have problem follow back ratio ? A few days ago my result was very nice, now it is very weak.

Do you want explain some more, with specifics like how many follows you’re doing per day, number of follow sources, previous follow back rate, new poor follow back rate, and if there was any other changes you noticed over that period?

I can’t pretend I’ll have any answer (beyond just improve your sources), but you’re not giving people too much to go off of for helping you, so just share some more info. :slight_smile:

Thank you for reply @mdr07 !

I have 2 two accounts I do manually follow/unfollow. I make over 500 action a day. I usually had about 50 follow back. It was a good result for me, now it is much lower. I do not know what it’s due to. I still use the same sources. Accounts have an average of 1.5k followers, accounts look good, 2-3 weeks ago I achieved cool results, now it’s different. I do practically the same as before, and the result is much lower.

What do you mean by manually? Do you mean that you do it manually with a phone? If not, what software are you using?

What sort of follow sources do you use? Like, do you follow followers of accounts, by hashtag, etc.?

If you’re using a software maybe you could share some more in depth stats so we can see exactly what you mean? Are there any stats regarding what each follow sources produces in terms of follow back? That sort of data is really useful.

First account is phone, second account is in PC. Manually = I click the follow or unfollow button (I do it by hand)

My niche is for example travel. I am looking for larger accounts that have, for example, 100,000 followers whose niche is similar to travel. I choose the last picture and follow the people that gave like to the photo.

It seems to me that this way is good. A few weeks ago I achieved good results. Now it is weak …

Yeah, that way is good, or can be good. It’s possible if you’re doing it manually and a bit randomly that some of the sources you were getting were good and now some aren’t but because you’re not doing it with PC or recording any stats you don’t have the data to tell you what’s working well for you. Also, you want to make sure those accounts don’t have fake likes going on their photos, or that the photo is actually quite tailored, cause maybe they just liked it when going through hashtags but it doesn’t represent a complete interest in whatever your account is about.

More to the point, I can’t even imagine doing it all manually every day. Is there a reason you aren’t doing it through PC?

I do it manually, because it costs money for automation. If the niche is profitable then it scales the business.

I thought, maybe IG introduced some changes, but I do all the same and the effects are very weak.

Despite this, thank you for trying to help me.

How much time do you spend daily in order to do 500 follows on the mobile?

it depends, I make breaks after every act