Problem with insights

Hello everyone.

I run a account with 30k followers. When I started I opted for 6k to 7k fake followers. Then I did F/U method to grow. During this journey I observed that my insights are not displaying as they should be.:point_down:

As same goes with my personal account with 2k followers. Here also insights are not displaying as they should be. :point_down:

As you can see words are missing and some are incompletely shown. Due to this I am not able to understand and study insights properly.

I tried uninstalling the Instagram app and reinstalling it but still the problem remains. I installed Instagram in different mobile (Android) and checked it works totally fine. Problem is just with my mobile. (Android)

Can anyone please help me on this?

Thanks in advance.:blush:

I run many accounts with F\UF and haven’t encountered such problems.
Do you experience other problems on the app? Such as followers\followings count not appearing in profiles

Followers/following count is normal and also no other problems, issue is only with the insights.

It seems having access to insights but cannot necessarily utilise it to full potential.:thinking:

That’s really odd!

Anyways, if you have access to the new creator account type - You can access insights from your PC using FB creative studio

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Looks like a bug, try changing proxy to an english speaking country.

When I used VPN my Instagram language sometimes changed in-app, which seems really weird

Oh okay. Thanks for the info, will look for it.

Also will try formatting my mobile if it could help.

This really gets annoying.

I have never actually changed or used proxy settings before and F/U method was done manually by me from mobile only. As for now I don’t use any automation tools for growing.

I tried figuring this out lately but couldn’t find any answers or any talks on this issue,
also tried searching on Google but still got nothing, looks like I am the only one facing this. :expressionless:

It really looks like a bug… but you are certainly not the only person to have experienced it.

I googled “instagram insights cut off words” and this the first result -

I would just sit and wait, there isn’t much to be be done for bugs that come from IG themselves.


This bug I am seeing in my account since long. (Maybe more then 6 months)

Thank you for your input though. @mojojojo

Not much I can do except still wait for Instagram to solve it.

try re-installing the app!

I would try a different phone / tablet. This way you see if the bug is on the IG account itself or local to your device.

Did it several times, still the bug remains.

The bug is local on my device.

So strange… Try to pm instagram… I never see that before :hushed: