Problem with PM notifications


Hey everyone,

As you may noticed, we have a issues with notifications for PMs. You are probably not getting them, you’re still able to read the PM and respond, but you don’t get notification about it.

Sorry if we missed some of your messages.

We’re working on fixing this issue. Thank you for your patience.



I PM’d you about it. Why aren’t you answering???


Are there any updates on the notifications? Now even the thread ones are not working.


It is not only about PM’s. Also when someone tags you with @username there is no notification.


Let’s just say NOTIFICATIONS ARE MESSED UP as a general statement :slight_smile:


Notifications are back to normal. Actually slowly coming to normal, you’ll probably get notifications couple of days old now, but it will all come at right place in a day or two.

Thank you for your patience :slight_smile:


Yeah it is quite fun… I turn away for 4 minutes… i look back… 17 messages :


and you’re like: “Daaaamn! 17 new customers” :smiley:


Don’t have the subscription want to purchase one


I’ve sent you PM.