Problem with posts that rank on hashtags

Hello there !

I recently started an account that reposts stuff from the travel niche.
Many of my posts get a good amount of impressions via hashtags ( usually about 20.000 Reach).
My problem is that I only get likes and spammy comments from this . I get nearly no new followers from these posts.

I would be really happy if someone would give me some tips and tricks on how to improve this!

Im new to this forum so if I did something wrong , Just tell me

Thanks, Kilroy :slight_smile:

One thing to establish first is that posts in general, unless you have a larger account and go viral, usually don’t get you many followers at all.

Do you use a CTA? If not told to do something people will usually just keep scrolling and not take action themselves, so a CTA can really help. A common way to do this is to add something like: “Follow @user for more” in the caption. New users seeing your posts will be much more likely to visit your profile then.

But, there is a reason f/u and mother/slave are recommended up to a certain point. Growing at the start is slow and hard. Therefore using these methods up to 30-40k+ followers can be a good idea. After that, if your engagement rate among your followers is good enough, you can start going viral and growing without these methods. To test this, simply turn off automation and see how your posts perform. This is why having an engaged audience is soooo important, after a certain point you won’t need automation if your engagement is good enough.

Also, do you change up hashtags every post? Because IG will punish you if you don’t, even if you’re getting decent reach.

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Don’t worry about that too much, people are running comment automation and all sort of tools to promote them self on ranked photos/videos. Everytime I rank for my niche there is people promoting them self, you can ban then or do nothing about it :slight_smile:

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i used to get annoyed and finally ban them – stupid I was – they help with ER actually. Now I try to ignore them ( i don’t use hashtags on all my accounts – and bots follow them). I said I try to ignore them – it sucks to see them and hate them. However, its free ER. Even little, and all helps.


So Instagram rates automated comments and spam just like “normal” comments in terms of engagement? @Alexnvo

2 levels of it.
non followers and followers. both count, however the followers comments weigh more. they still add to er

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