Problem with Unfollow

Ive got the problem that the Unfollow tool doesnt work properly.
Its starting runs like every few minutes as usual but doenst unfollow somebody then.
This is what it shows:

Did you send this to the support ?

Also, did you try to unfollow on EB ?

I will but probably its just me being stupid so first I try it on here

What do you mean by that?

Try to Unfollow on the Embedded Browser (or your phone) and see if it works

Yes, it works

I would suggest that you contact Jarvee support and send them screenshots of the tool settings tab and the errors that you see on the dashboard summary tab and they will help you.

Check your Dashboard > Summary, if it doesn’t unfollow any users, you should see a message saying there are no users to unfollow, or if you get an error, you will see the error message there. Are you trying to unfollow all users including the users you followed outside of Jarvee?

It’s best to contact their support because they will check the most important things very fast and prolly find the issue and help you the fastest.