Problem with upload photo

Hello everyone,
I have problem with upload photos on my new registered IG accounts.
I have dedicated fresh proxy per acount (HighProxies)
If I upload photo instagram block this action ( follow, like works)
Can you please tell me, where is the problem ?
Thank you for your advise.
Best Regards Michael

mine also. only story upload works. idk the problem is with highproxies or jarvee, but i got 15+ ig accounts disabled for the last few weeks it really sucks

Guys move away from HighProxies and use some residentials or mobile proxies. HighProxies is causing everybody LOTS of troubles.

can you please send me DM which provider or etc. ?
Thanks :slight_smile:

I need to get good proxies ASAP, where can I get them ?

Datacenter proxies are flagged for posting. You might be able to find some that work but most wont. I would go with resi proxies or mobile to post.