Problem with uploading photos to post on Facbook Page

Hi guys, i am just newbie so i want to say hello to all people in the forum …
i got a problem with uploading photos to post on Facbook Page. The Campaign status on Tool JV is succesful. But when i check on Facebook page, it don’t have anythings. it show the error on browse embeded window like this image. Please help me! Thank you so much!

Did it report any error in the Summary tab? I never saw that error before.
How many photos did you add in your post?

Hi @longtp17534

Welcome to the forum.

Please send this to our support via contact form or through Jarvee and we’ll see what’s going on.
We’ll also test it on our side to check did FB make any changes, but we need info from you too since sometimes they don’t introduce changes for all profiles.


We found the issue, it will be fixed as soon as possible. Thanks for reporting.