Problem with visibility of followers and likes

Hi! I’ve been out of Instagram for about a year and a half and now I’m a bit confused. Why is on some accounts it is not possible to view a full list of their followers/followings, like for example it shows that person is following 50 accs, when I click on their followings it shows me 3 or 5, not the full list. And same with likes, for example if post has more than a hundred likes it shows only a small list of likers, not how it’s been before when I was able to scroll through hundreds of accs in the like list🙁 What is this? Is this a new limitation to reduce manual work or am I tripping? I’ve been relying on checking followers/likers lists in my manual method back then is it impossible now? How to work without automation now?

Yes, Instagram has been trying to limit scraping data collection, especially for some accounts

@denis1, thank you for the answer! Is there any way to bypass it or fully manual method (without automation and parsing) is killed by instagram by now?

I am not sure because we don’t do manual processes on our end, but if you can’t see the users manually on the app, it will not be possible to interact with them, unless you find another way to interact with them (using the Search tool for example)

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How have they done this within the last year? And have you found ways around it? Has it limited your services much?

these social media has eyes on everything

Basically business verified is hidden. Creator verified is hidden in api but not on app. So, all meta verified is creator.

If you avoid verified accounts you’ll be fine

Likes have been limited for a long time.

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This^. Does happen with normal accounts now. Small percentage will scroll limited follow list.

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Oh weird. Never seen it and I look at thousands of accounts a week looking at client sources. Sofar its business legacy

@Suziepame , can confirm! I haven’t been able even to check full list of followings on some very small personal accounts :confused:

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