Problems with 4g proxy

hi everyone,

yesterday I bought a 4g mobile proxy because I was tired of being banned all the time, even with the lowest follow settings. however whenever I try to add an account I get an email verfication, and then when I try to verify with the code its says something suspisous is going on therefore it wont login in on jarvee. what should I do? Is there a problem with the account or proxy?

Maybe tell us what type of account you are using and which proxy provider and we might be able to help :wink:

With the details you provided I can just recommend you to give this account a rest before adding the new proxy

Reset device ID and try again, if you aren’t able to login, rest it for 2-3 days and you should be able to login.

4g proxies normally are the best, it can ask you a PV here and there but normally is more trusty for instagram as everyone uses their mobile phone and 4g connections.

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According to the info on above - its has nothing do with the proxy. Sometimes it may happen with partly flagged accounts or fresh. Just wait around 24 hours and try again

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Your accounts maybe flagged, use aged account and low setting to start