Problems with comment automation

Hi guys!
I have a problem with commenting.
I’m doing mother/child method with scraper for every child acc.
I took a year old acc, changed nothing in it, and started to do automated follow/like/comments, follows, and likes are going well but I can not even post one freaking comment… NOT A SINGLE ONE
I can not understand what the problem is, before this, I used almost fresh accounts with DC proxies and the same thing happened…
So now as I said I took a year old profile, 4g proxy, kept my settings low… it could not be settings because I can not even post a single one… so what could it be?

Thank you, everyone, who will try to help with this :slight_smile:

What are you commenting, and on what? :slight_smile:

Did you get a block message from IG when you’re trying to comment? If so, try to comment manually on EB and comment with different comment text. See if you can do that.

What do you mean ?
Regular text with one emoji on specific accounts scraped by scraper

Can not do it on EB either, now i even got follow and like action block… i tried to do this on my phone from which the acc was made about a year a go and everything works on there.
Could it be the proxy or what ?
Its a 4g proxy from TheSocialProxy

How many follows and likes are you doing per day? how many accounts are sharing the same 4G proxy? if you’re running JV on PC, try to go to Proxy manager tab, check “keep account valid when changing the account proxy”, remove the proxy from the account, then start the comment tool.

Follow up to 15 per hour and 150 per day, Like up to 20 per hour and 150 per day.
Just two accounts on this proxy and only one of them was on. And no my JV is on VPS, should i try it on vps ? i guess not, right ?
Thanks, man !

from the official IG APP you have the same problem?

Based on what you said, it seems that IG doesn’t like your proxy, you should get a new one. When you tried from your phone you used the same proxy or just mobile internet?

Do not try to use it on your VPS IP, since these IPs are usually misused and flagged.

4G Proxy from TheSocialProxies, a lot of advanced automation user reccomend it, if thats true, im just very unlucky/