Problems with facebook when posting site content (links) to my fan pages!

Hi guys, i am just newbie so i want to say hello to all people in the forum …

So i have been working past years in facebook, just i was created 5 websites. They’ve got a lot of fan pages and I’ve sorted them by channels. One channel for example is 12 -14 fan pages for each website and publish one link to all of these pages on each hour).

The last months (may be i have been affected by facebook fake news update) and start to see the message, "Hello, Name … It looks like we were sending spam! We protect your account and now we can help you Be sure that all of your recent likes and posts are published by yourself "For the message may not be exactly word to word because I’m seeing it on my native language and this is not english, sorry …

So popup with this Message are very often and once in the week Facebook have deactivated the account (I’ve used 4-5 accounts to publish in all fan pages) and they asking for some verification method, after that they want to change the password of account with the new one, and the The last things when you access the account they want to review the latest actions … So, I can not continue this way and want to know what is the best way to continue working with my sites … They restricted my pages … They ban a lot of them for one week, and when i appeal it i got aways the same message:


Your page has been unpublished for causing people to like or engage with it unintentionally in a misleading way. Our Pages Terms state that: ‘Pages must not contain false, misleading, fraudulent or deceptive claims or content.’

For more information, please read the Pages Terms:


For Pages you’d like to launch in the future, please first make adjustments to ensure you are providing a good user experience and meeting our policies.

The Facebook Team

This is some bullshit and i can not understand it …

The most strange thing is that the last days I was stopped to publish … i just total stop every publish and the spam message come again and again!

Tell me what to do, what is the best way to continue safe … i have 5 websites, i have 12-15 fan pages for every site and i get good traffic if i post 20 times daily to each fan pages … I know this is too much, but i have other accounts … tell me your opinion, what will you do on my place?

Sorry, just something important that i forget to tell… i never used a Mass Planner before, i aways post to my fan pages by apps (like HootSuite,… now i am just newbie in mass planner and starting to use it today, when i start to find a solution for my problem!

So when you post using apps, it has never caused any problems?

No, all these problems are when i posting only with apps…