Procrastination to Action

i have been so engaged with the rest of the forum , totally forgot to introduce myself.
i am from New Delhi , 23 yo.
My Why = Retire my parent’s financially , really can’t have any fun until i see them struggling to make ends meet daily.
Personally been in a slump for 3-ish year , really trying to climb out since a long time.
Sometimes i lose the motivation to do anything at all , now making it a point to stick to a routine.
Patience and persistence, i guess is the way to go.
Been a huge lurker around IM communities , tried many “methods” never saw one through till profits.
Joined STM forum for affiliate marketing , went to a couple conferences(affiliate world ASIA) in Bangkok.

This time i am making a commitment to myself to stick through this , IG is fastest growing platform with tons of opportunities.
Have $1000-ish budget , really don’t want to run out of it , makes everything extra difficult unnecessarily.

IN the process of configuring accounts , signed up with Affiliate networks , setting up the cloaking part to get some cash flow going with CPA spam.
At this point i am willing to do whatever it takes , literally whatever , i have all the time in a day , zero interest in anything other than making this work.
just go to the gym in the morning.
It’s a bit confusing to put the pieces together , and the lack of clarity is kinda overwhelming.
Most likely when i start making even 10$ profit daily , the spirits will really start to uplift.

Trying to tread lightly and not jumping the rope by spamming anyone , super excited to get to level 2 , hopefully will get there sometime and learn stuff unencumbered.

Huge thanks to guys behind starting MPsocial , my favourite place to hang out online.


Your Why is so similar to mine, I totally understand the ‘really can’t have any fun’ moments but you will get there eventually. Keep hustling!

This forum has become my favorite place to hang out online as well!


May i ask , what type of monetisation are you using for your accounts . CPA , flipping accounts , or selling growth services.
PS. Why isn’t your profile upgraded to lvl2 , you meet all the criteria. @senseifuel

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I mainly do growth services for now.

I am upgraded to Level 2, keep learning & contributing and you will eventually get there!

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welcome and am in a similar situation. motivation is key IMO

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All the best for your journey! Persistence is key and perseverance will make you go a long way.
Personally, this forum is gold.

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