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What are your top ways of creating unique content ?



How do we successfully circumvent the IG blocks and compromised account messages that numerous members of this forum have experienced during the past two months. I believe that is really the only answer most are looking for at present! If you have the answer to that, you probably have the answer to everything. So, let’s start here. :slight_smile:


hemm!! that’s possible but i think they have much better stuff to do than check the forums. but yea there is a big chance


am sorry what clients?


good Questions, do be honest you can’t just have full followers from specific place, but there is ways to increase the chance of it
1- hashtags related to the area #hikingUtah #Utah #Oregon etc…
2- location added to the posts+stories+Bio
3- reach out to people from that area personally then when the interact with your pages IG will suggest your page to their followers.
4- targeted ads, which is the best choice to make sure you gaining followers likes from specific area, and no need to talk about how fast this way can be.

hope this helped you my friend. have a lovely day @killerscript


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i didn’t under stand what you said 1st but i think 10PM is good yea




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well, content is all about and idea you have, if you got a great idea you look for a way to show it in the best way, if not, look for other people content and try to make your own version of that content, so when you show it to people it looks unique.

hope i could help with this if you have any further question will be here for you.


great question!!
well, i will ask you one thing!! Why do you think Instagram exists ?
and the answer for this question is Money, its a project for the owner to gain money.
and as you see people now can create Big a$$ businesses on IG ALONE!!
they gaining a lot of money just from their pages, and they not paying to Instagram anything. they got great content, perfect ## research, communicating with customers, all for free, so IG 3 years ago, released new algorithm to the App where they limits the reach and engagements of the pages, so people start using ads and pay them money, but they have to pay A LOT to reach the same level they were at, so this when the other services comes up (Jarvee etc, mother/child method, and other services, they make it much easier and less money for the users.
after that IG made brand new algorithm at the beginning of this year ( start the problem) Tons of shadow bans, Tons of blocks and permanent bans and all the crap we have been dealing with ever since.
so my advice to you is
1- perfect hashtags research
2- location added to the posts+stories+Bio(which is must be great)
3-Kicka$$ captions
4- reach out to people personally (DM) then when they interact with your pages IG will suggest your page to their followers.
5- targeted ads every now and then, cuz this and believe me will make a huge difference to your business especially with IG ( if you pay them they will suck up for you).

sorry for the long message, you just asked a great question, and i hope i was helpful by anyway.
and if not am sorry :blush:

thanks for your Question my friend, have a lovely day


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Yes, time to time they check, they just “google” like we do :wink: they have a first level (tier1) team doing this, I know because as a matter of fact where I work they use the same approach, even there are a few companies providing this services to corps. (like ghost shoppers :slight_smile: ) (Not only for security, for functionalities, bugs, support, etc etc)


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  1. Why would I use ads if I’m using a tool :confused:


i meant Ads instead of tools ofc man