Professional Instagram, ask me anything


am not trolling my friend.


He’s trolling himself. Doesnt even know it yet


What is a Kicka$$ caption?


good caption i mean


keep yourself cool and rested in September
you’ll work relentlessly :wink:


Yeah I know you’re serious haha
I’m just wondering to pay for ads if you’re using a tool that suppose to give you the same results


if your page is for some service or products (e-commerce company) you shouldn’t use the other tools, not safe and you can target people a lot better with ads that can bet potential customers.
if it’'s just followers page so you can get paid view shouts, posts etc. tools would be much better.


how you fix action block issue right now?


well, the blocks people get and the shadowban always comes from unusual activities, which are:

  • 3rd party member tools
  • automation tools that IG don’t deal with
  • fast follow or Un-follow
  • fast likes or comments
    -like groups or power likes
    when the algorithms of IG got changed at the beginning of this year, a lot of things changed, i heard that they even check your messages if you talking about buying service like that they block you.
    but if you mean the issue where your account gets blocked every day or every now and then( which is a sign for a bad thing coming) you should Email them or report for a problem telling what you facing exactly and rest the account for a day or two then start soft and slow back to normal, trust me, i ignored that sign before and i got my ass shadowbanned.

hope this was useful for you. Have a lovely day <3


let me know if you got answer


How extract data like country, city, age and genre from a profile or audience like


Is there a way to reset an account to get back engagement? Or whats the best way to revive a dead account? Thanks


I recommend you , stop the count 3 days after the engagement and start a warming up , so I have done it and I worked


i think jarvee got this option bro, you can extract data on excel sheet if the information were provided on the accounts ( name, Email, age, gender, location, activity etc)


am sorry to say that, but it’s going to be super hard and most people try with new accounts.
but i have a friend who did it but it toke him about 3 month
the account engagement was dead, so he stopped using it for about 3-4 months or so, but then he wanted to use it again, so he started to post again 3 times a week with 10 hashtags max and increased the posts every week, until he reached 7 a week with 25#, and he was making ads for one post a week for 3 months, the idea is IG is a business platforms, so, when you pay for their service they tend to cut you a slack. i don’t know how much he spent or if this was a guaranteed way to revive the account, but if you really need it and can’t start new one, i think you should try.
i also got shadowbanned once and fixed it with the same way ( pause for 2 weeks, 3 posts a week up to 7, and pay for ads)
sorry if couldn’t be more of a help, but i hope things work out for you.


Alright, I will try this method. Thank you :slight_smile:


How to sell instagram account best method/platform?


great, i’ll wait for the good news then :slight_smile:


i don’t know specific platforms, but the method there is websites that you can offer your account there, with ID and pass then if someone want to buy, he pay the website and the website give him the info.
, am sorry i can’t recommend any website, cuz there will always be scammers and trolls over the internet, so i don’t want to be a part of it


PM me. I have a supplier that I have been using the last month that has brought great success so far. What are you using the proxy for?