Profile suggestions button: Discontinue?

Refer the screenshots. Screenshots were taken from two different accounts.

Is IG removing the button?

Same situation on my accounts, maybe IG is experimenting again like it was with visibility of likes number :thinking:

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Yep. Probably the case. They always update their features on small amount of accounts before

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yep! i noticed yesterday the same

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I just checked all accounts I have on my phone, they still have the button. Is “Suggested” tab still there after you click on Followers/Followings?


Yes, after the scroll finishes, there starts a list called ‘suggestions for you’.

My app is up to date and I still see that button.

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I still have the button as well, I guess most of us are from different countries so if IG is testing new stuff we should get different results and that’s the case, IG and new year’s resolutions :joy: :joy: :joy: