Profile visits, reach , impressions - service to buy it separately?

Hello guys, i checked many different smm panels, but all of them offer any of these: reach/impressions/profile visits in combine. But for an account statistic to look real it should be way different sizes. For example i bought reach + impressions service , bought 10k, and what i got? I got 10k impressions and 10k reach which is an obvious fake. It should look like 10k impressions and ~1500 reach , isnt it so?

Same for profile visits. I saw only options to buy profile visits minimum 500 or minimum 1000, not custom amounts like 53, 75 or so…

Also I didnt see a service to buy profile visits specifically for a certain post. Just general profile pictures.

If someone would be able to help me to generate these things separately for each instagram account with any smm or other service solution - i couild pay. Let me know if thats possible!

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