Profit Redirect Help

Guys i just paid Profit Redirect plugin yesterday and today i created my first link but one i sent it in message on instagram after one click its got banned. please take a look on my settings here and let me know if im missing anything


You havent selected “Turn On for Active Cloaking” also, your weight is a 0, I think it has to be at 100.

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Thanks :slight_smile: i will try it now and let you know if worked well

Well you may have already gotten your domain flagged. Not really sure though.

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thanks for sharing the info, but its old domain and i tested it still works do you think i better buy new domain or just use old one?

You also forgot to select the post for internal cloacking. That one is the page that the bots will see.


Thank you @WannaCryyy and @NewPhone i did all you guys said and its works fine.
it really kind of you guys that you helping me. :blush:

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