Promoted post and lost engagement

You are gonna be surprized if you knew how much I have seen users complain about IG ads or facebook ads for promotion. :no_mouth:

Jarvee can help you on this one. Finding none active users and blocking them for you. [quote=“Jai, post:20, topic:78846”]
Only number 4 is possible out of those.
Quality of the posts is the same and I’m still posting at the same time.

Are you reposting content without changing meta data before posting?

You might wanna read this useful guide:

It looks like the reach-around followers remain the same what’s lost is reach on hashtag and others. Is it the case for all those who did paid promotion at a time and notice your natural reach/engagement decline afterwards?

If yes the conclusion might be for viral accounts don’t pay to promote?


am sorry to tell you that and i hope i am wrong!! but i think you have been shadow-banned man.

Nope, I’m creating my own content.

Would Jarvee be able to just identify those users? I would like to remove them manually instead of blocking them.

Is there a way to find out for sure?

I don’t know enough about it, but I don’t think that’s the case.

As far as my understanding goes if I was indeed shadow-banned my post wouldn’t come up on hashtags. Am I mistaken here?

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Not sure I understood correctly, but the posts I showed you the data for have never been promoted.

The decline in engagement happened after I got about 1000 followers running a promo.
It wasn’t the first promo I did, but this time I immediately noticed something strange, people were following me without even liking the post, which never happened before.

In the past I would get 4 Likes and out of those people who liked the post 1 would become a follower.

This time I would get 10 followers and out of those, only 1 would like the post.

So, I’ve got a lot of new followers that for some weird reason just don’t Like posts.

And probably that is killing my engagement.

How do you figure that?

My account is the same situation. I’ve never promoted any post yet but my reach is so low as I notice vast majority of the organic followers I receive only follow and seldomly like. Overtime my reach gets lower and lower - my last two posts only reached 4% of my total followers. Since the reach is so low amongst my own followers there’s no way I can make it to explore or even hashtags, so at this point I’m actually somewhat considering the ads. Anyone with similar experience has tested ads - can ads still lower reach and engagement on a worse account?

yes you wont come up on ## and the % of your audience that can see your posts will go low and it leads to low reach/engagement. try to pause for 2-3 days and just start with 1 post a day, and build up.

hope you didn’t get shadow banned, cuz when i got it i stuck in it for 2 months, it was brutal man

Did your engagement go down or it has always been low?

Cindy, I have run a few ads so far.

In the past I’ve had great results, my followers count went up and so did the engagement.

One piece of advice I could give you is to monitor the new followers you get with the promo and if you notice (after let’s say 100 new followers) that they are not liking the post, stop the ad immediately, and consider removing the followers who didn’t like the post.

my engagement has definitely gone down over time but it’s from organically grown followers. I just notice most followers naturally I receive, don’t like. I can not be removing all my followers…