Promoting Affiliate Offers on Instagram

Hello everyone!

Well ive been into the Instagram Blackhat Side for a while and im now planning to Run Affiliate offers on my Instagram Accounts.

Well Ive been Planning to Get either into the Health or Beauty Niche, But since i have 0 experience with Aff Offers can anyone point me to the right way on How to Build my Instagram Account to promote Such Affiliate Offers ?

Also i’d Like to know how to promote my products or offers on the accounts ?

I’m a Newbie into this and answers to these questions would be appreaciated!

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There is a TON of information in the next level! You just need to read, contribute an article or two, offer help to others, and of course, visit the forum daily for a while. You’ll be the next level in no time!


Well i’ll be a Level 2 user in a Min or Two, Hoping for the best!


Stay active! This forum is a great help with all of the informations you need. If you can’t wait till you get level 2 access there is also a lot of informations about this, just search in Google.


These guys really know their stuff, best advice I can give is to stay active and share info so you can get bumped to level 2!