Promoting Apps Instagram


I have been noticing lately many pages promoting app installs like this one
some others through a link like this one
I wanted to ask how can i try it with my page ?
Sorry if this is a stupid question but i am new in this.

You want to use it on your IG bio or something else. If you meant in bio then go to your profile tap EDIT and put a link in bio. If the link is too long use URL shrinking services like bitly.

I meant how do i promote apps like they do, which cpa do i use landing pages etc.
Anyone mind explaining please?

Hello i do this with my account too here is the platform

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This is CPA affiliate marketing. You get paid a set fee per app download, dependant upon the country someone downloads the app from, and their device type. Networks usually pay $0.1-$2 per app download.

The big three players right now are:

Yoke Network

My own experience with Yoke Network has been the best so far, they offer the largest range of viral apps to promote, which at the end of the day is what matters. They also have the lowest minimum payout and it’s generally a lot easier to use than the other two.

With this, your earnings are only as good as the apps you have the ability to promote.


Yoke Network had a lot of bad reviews on play store tho

Didn’t notice that, but when I checked it out I noticed that all 5 1 star reviews left were done in a 2 month period, and those are the only reviews there. Seems like they aren’t legit reviews. Also all of them say that they weren’t accepted to the network. I can’t speak for everyone else, but I was accepted within a day.

Thanks, gonna try to join any of the above mentioned i already joined the plugg app.

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