Promoting CPA with PPV campaigns

Did anyone here tried CPA and PPV or even better had some success with CPA and PPV traffic?

It’s cheap traffic, of course it’s not quality one, but guys on Adworkmedia recommend couple of PPV networks.

I’m interested in it, mostly because it’s passive income if there’s an income at all :smile: but I’m not sure where to start, what PPV network to choose and how much should I invest there.

All advices are welcome

I have been studying paid traffic for a while, Some of the best PPV traffic sources have $500 deposit non limit, with ppv you have to grab their attention really fast cos the bounce rate is high, I would suggest you also try out popads(more comprehensive targeting) or Popcash I spoke with AWM They also said pubs are seeing conversions there, the deposit is bout $20 or something, so you can start testing on a smaller scale first then move up from there, p.s you could get $5 for 1k views on popads,
One major lesson I’ve learnt for all my studies over time is that you’ve to to be patient …you may likely lose money at the start , most folks aren’t patient enough to see this as buying data, then take the raw data then refine it and optimize for profitability… Plus test test test(just like when using massplanner) sales copy, description, banners, colors, LPs, pictures etc…a guy(he generates over 200k per month using CPA and paid traffic) once said that on every given paid traffic source out there, the are always people making money using them, if not they would have all gone outta business. That said actually I am using massplanner to generate funds for my paid ads move, hence the reason for my research everyday.
P.s the name of the guy is Mr. Opulent(you can easily search him on YouTube) he has a private academy and also a private CPA Network, I’d be signing up for his courses.


I’m always super skeptical of people who make these figures AND try to sell you a course on how to do the same. The only way I would be sharing my knowledge if I was making 200k a month is in some super high end, mega expensive 1-on-1 consulting.

If someone collects 6 figures a month, it makes zero financial sense for them to sell a $997 course.


Yeah, I saw best networks have pretty high minimum deposit, that’s why I haven’t tried them yet.

What do you guys think, what’s the best type of offers that do work with PPV?

Logic tells me it’s app/software installs, however I don’t have any experience in this field.

If you have any ideas, shoot, I’m willing to test this, maybe even start a journey and note everything so all of us can benefit from this. You know I’m always willing to share working methods :slight_smile:

100% agree, they either do this after it’s not working anymore, or it never worked, they’re just putting stuff together to sell a course.

This is awesome…will do some intense digging out for you, I love the journey idea, I would suggest email submits as you can use your loads of experience with that. I’ll be back with a blueprint

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I have an account with PopAds and, since they’re one of the traffic sources recommended by Adworkmedia, I dropped $50 to run a campaign a few weeks ago.

I wasn’t seeing any return after a few days, started investigating & discovered that the offer I was promoting wasn’t working. It was taking people to a completely different (and frankly, stupid) offer.

The reply from AWM support:

Okay that very interesting, how many click came in during the course of running the campaign, and how many proxy clicks, and how much did you spend.

I ran the campaign for 5 days, $10 / day to play around. I sent the popad traffic to my domain with the landing page & got about 50 clicks to AWM. However, there were no conversions because everyone was being sent to some ridiculous easter egg offer.

Yeah, advertisers can be pain in the a*s. Sorry to hear about your loss.

I’ll try some app installs, I think it’s easier to get conversions than with email submits, of course when using PPV traffic. Someone will at least accidentally install it :smiley: