Promoting events with Instagram?

Does anybody have any tips on promoting events using Instagram? Sorry if I wrote a bit much here. Any help’s appreciated on this.

I’m thinking of using a few accounts to do this. The events niche is for meditation and peace talks, to give an idea.

My ideas are I’d follow based on Geo Location (for where the events will be), and filter by ‘Bio & Posts must contain the following keywords’ and put the relevant interests in there. And I guess I’d also try using DM after following.

My main concern is regarding content and whether I should blend in the events images with reposts of similar interests (which should get more followers), or just solely post about the events.

Thanks in advance for any help :slight_smile:

I don’t think it’d hurt at all to mix event photos with interests/cool pics of what types of activities will be at the event. Diversify the content a bit and don’t seem too spammy just for the event.


Great idea. For some reason I’d only been thinking of mixing it with external media of similar interests (e.g. meditation, spiritual photos).

Because it’s an unofficial account separate from the charity organisation (but ultimately just a marketing account for them) I’m wondering how to present the actual account. As in whether to be upfront about it and call it like “charityname_events” which makes it quite obviously associated with the charity, or to be more subtle and general like “meditation_australia” (as an example) which might interest a wider group and just primarily push the organisation’s promotions.

That might also come down to whether the organisation are willing to be associated with having obvious marketing accounts. But what do you think would get the best reception from users?