Promoting Fitness Content/ Offers

Does anyone have any tips on how to promote fitness/weight loss offers? My experience this far has been all in the adult and dating arena.

What kind of content is likely to get clicks etc.??


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Check dm. Messaged you

Perhaps in the whole ‘life coaching’ niche, just a thought.

I would like a DM from you as well @heroeslair or you can share something here, I’m interested in what you have to say.

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I just told him that he needs to look authoritative in that niche. Its so saturated and untrusted that you need to look like a professional business with social proof to do well. Otherwise it will be seen as a scam.

I’ve been in the fitness niche for a long time and my 5k personal training page can sell more than a 100k gym repost page. It’s all about trust and value. They see my progress, my results and my tips and they know I’m legit

yeah, I see your point the fitness industry has become like the pharmaceutical industry :joy: you can’t take advice from a random person because you know they will probably scam you or they are just repeating what they heard on youtube :grin: yes having a few selected followers is much better.

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Yeah, good tips heroeslair :v: basically, try to be as unique and legit as possible and try to avoid looking spammy :slight_smile:

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