Promoting same App Link over multiple IG accounts

Hey guys sorry if this has been answered, I tried searching but didn’t see anything relating to promoting App Store apps/Android apps

I have an app for iOS and wanted to promote it over maybe 50 accounts a buddy of mine has. I’ve read that promoting CPA offers risks bans, but do App Store apps also risk ban for the accounts too?

If they do, what would be the solution to overcoming this? Make multiple Bit ly links for each IG account?

Thanks guys

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This topic has been discussed numerous time on the forum. You need to learn how to search :wink: Of course no one talked about the “same app link” but they did talk about the “same link” which is exactly the same thing considering IG doesn’t really care what type of link you want to place there.

Start with this topic :

then use the search function correctly to find more topics on the subject.

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Hey Johnny thanks for the answer and man extremely sorry for the trash post!

I’ll try searching more in details next time, again my bad man, and thanks!