Promoting your Instagram Service using FB Ads

Are there guys here promoting their service with Fb Ads?

My account got blocked today because I was promoting Instagram Growth service. Heard a few months ago someone who had the same problem, seems like they are random checking.

Are there still guys up and running without problems?

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Was your ad already up and running and your account got blocked afterwards or do you got blocked in the approvel process?

What a friend and I did few months ago was creating an ad which wasn’t mentioning any keywords about Instagram or Social Media in the caption or the image. But we choosed a wording and design that made it clearly visible for those who need to be targeted (for example a phone with insights of a testimonial and an instagram notification image with “99 Likes” “99 Follows” and so forth). I can’t say something about running such an ad longterm but it got approved and was running for a few weeks.

In general I think Google and YouTube Ads are the way to go for advertising social media growth services. They do allow it and the leads are warmer than FB/IG.

Instagram is part of Facebook, the are under the same umbrella. So, I think that certain ad “kws” will trigger ad blocks for you.

Why not try IG social media marketing and see if you can run with it.