Prompt to enable API? Instagram

Hello, please tell me what I’m doing wrong?

I’m trying to warm up my account
View stories + Save photos. On already collected accounts and my account does not take action, do I need to enable the API?

Moved to the “youtube” section

think you have something mixed up there, do you mean Instagram?

Yes, friend. It just blocks me.

Bro, you’re gonna need to check out Adi’s videos on Youtube. You need scrapers.

you need to set up the tag name method correctly.

Since you have error code 550 it means that you have checked this option and you do not have valid accounts added to it.

what you need to do is read this article and make sure to follow the steps correctly.

Also I would recommend to review your social profile settings, those look terrible and are all over the place.

You probably don’t have enough scraper accounts available at the moment and that’s why you are getting error 550 or you haven’t set up everything correctly. Check the tutorial that Luca shared and make sure that you set everything up according to that tutorial.

You just need to add another IG account in Social Profiles, and make sure the option “USE ONLY THE EMBEDDED BROWSER” is not checked on that new account.

If you use the tagname method, you need to tag the new account with the same tagname you put in Settings > Social Platforms > Instagram > General tab.