[PROOF INSIDE]I just made 5000$ on shopify/instagram e-commerce on the first month with 3k ig follower in japan

first,english is not my main language so forgive me~

Hi guys
I am currently work on marketing job in japan company
and this is my side job story.

I just made 5000$ on shopify/instagram e-commerce on the first month with 3k ig follower in japan
and i want growth my instagram account at worldwide.
how can i growth my ig account at worldwide(mainly US/UK/KR)
lets conversation or give me some tips!

・What did i do(Keep it short)
1.made 3 ig account. each account different concept(ladies apparel)
2. each account spend ads few budget
3. rebalance budget and add more on most growth account
4. talk with customer
5. did it

*no automation, 1 post per/week. gain 700follower/week atm

・What i wanna do feauture
i wanna get customer grobally.
my shopify site is sucks at this moment though(LOL)
but i only know how to marketing in japan
so i wanna conversation with you guys!

started store (3/23~)

IG acount
created since 3/1

if you guys has idea on growth ig account on worldwide
like,collaboration or any unique method or etc.(i wont automation or F/UF)
we can conversation~


Hey, congrats!

On the contrary, your website is just fine I guess. Since you made $5000 in the first month?

How did you grow your followers at first and how much did you spend on the ads in total?

It would be interesting to learn more about the product(s), product price, sales, and conv. rate. Target margin will also be key to figure out how you can scale via ads.

Scaling via the audience is usually pretty easy, but the volume may be limited if there’s a niche involved.

Cross-selling products via an email list from existing sales can be a major profit amplifier, and can help you spend more on acquiring customers through ads once you understand the true lifetime value of your customer.

thanks bro!

i mean its not for worldwide site at this moment. and i should named product with japanese language currently product name is english (customer is 100% from japan now lol)

At first mainly Stories & Explore ADs growth
spend 1000$ on 3 account before site open. i wasted much!
then my follower share on instagram or post in twitter(i was suprised an illustrator draw our post then post on instagram etc)

after site open, spending 500$ and ROAS is 256%
so total is 1500$ now

i think i keep run ads, and i will work with some influencer( i have a japanese influencer list with good perfomance )

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thx for the reply!
product is mainly ladies apparel(+some for mens and unisex)
product price is aroud 100$
Average customer purchase price is around 130$
Conv rate is pretty bad : 0.2%(because of payment method is only credit card now so that doesn’t fit our customer. i will add some more payment method next week like
Convenience store payment/deferred payment)

i think so too! and my dream is scaling as worldwide

I havent tried email marketing in japan(few experience)
In japan i do “LINE marketing” It is like “messanger in japan”

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very cool to see thanks for posting and good luck!

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You should start growing accounts that post in English and Korean… Create 6 more IG accounts: 3 accounts will have posts in Korean and the other 3 accounts will have posts in English. You can hire a Virtual assistant to manage those accounts. Try to get manual growth first before spending money on ads, use hashtags strategy to promote your products on your new IG pages. I’m sure you will see good results. Good luck!


If I was in your position I would do a good market research on the new countries you want to expand.

Check if your product already exist there, if it does, check competitors, analyze them. Then with good information in hand develop an expansion plan transfering resourses from your actual business to the new model.

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Expand to South Korea first. Try to replicate to the same success there.

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just hit 1million
thx for advise bros

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Congrats on your successful business!

Can you tell which placement of ads performed better?
a.) Story ads
b.) Feed ads


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congrat for your success
how about the products? you dropship it from china or produce it yourself?

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Story ads way better than Feed ads in my opinion.
and when i did video meeting with facebook ads support on my main job, they said almost every company has better stats with story ads than feed ads at this moment.
in my experience Story ads > feed ads > shopping ads

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i do dropship it from china, and there is no same product seller in japan