Proof of Concept: manually "botting" from another phone?

Can you help me out here.

Can someone confirm that doing follow/unfollow & likes with a second phone (not the primary one),
Like giving a 15 years old girl a smartphone and let her 200 F/U + 400Likes a day, works without blocks ?
I mean we have 2 phones, one is the old regular used business one and another used just for that.


im finding out if you use one to like – and accidentally/intentionally like with the other phone on the same account it will trigger a like block for 24 hours( not all the time but it happens) recently. Never did that before. I don’t use f/u so can’t tell about that. Second phone is used to post, primary phone to like.

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That’s interesting, what about social management teams that are legit?

no such thing as social management programs that are legit all go against TOS. Now, what is the question? I don’t understand your question

I think hes trying to ask you, If its okay to buy workers to like and follow&unfollow from smartphone for you or company.


if second phone account with the same account get the account in trouble – it will damage the account. be it one phone or a million. if the second phone gets a p.v., like block or anything else – it will still effect first phone, after all – it is still the same account – just on a different device/ip

When a phone doing all the actions never had any problem

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try to follow 100 in one time.
try to comment and like 10 posts in a row
try to like comments of followers on your post fast.
try delete 50 archive posts one by one in one session
try to dm 15 one after another.
try to spam likes – to get blocked –

u got to be careful, else it will damage the account. even phone has risks.

But my Q is if doing normal operation 200F/U a day, 20 per hour let say with a second phone (the one that don’t post / dm / comment) will get me to block like we have now sometimes or it is much safer comparing to browser/API ?

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You only have one account so take it easy. Yes, more actions than browsers and safer. This concept is nothing new. Old school way to grow

We are going to automate it :slight_smile:

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