Proper way to warmup Jarvee account?

What’s the best way to properly add and begin tasks with an account on Jarvee?

I bought private 4g UK proxy. My account is from US, so I’m sure just logging in will trigger some things.

Should I leave the account logged in for a few days before doing anything? Any tasks I should do first before any following, liking, posting, etc?

Thank you guys!

why dont u use US proxies?

Logging in to the account with a 4g mobile proxy is fine even if the proxy location isn’t in the US. Make sure you’re not using the account on other devices. Just to be safe, log out of the account on other devices before you add the account in Jarvee. After you add the account, go to the advanced settings, and enable the delay settings and API limit on the account. There’s no other tasks you should do first, you can start warming up the account right away after that.

why you did not buy a proxy from US that would be the safest way to go, changing location will trigger some verification that need to be done, with that said you can login to the account verify it then start extremely slow using very few tools one or two to warm the account then see how it goes

Whenever you are changing the IP address of your account to an IP address of a different city or especially of a different country, if you want to mimic the human behavior entirely, you should log out and stay logged out for at least 2-3 days before you login to the account via proxy’s IP address.

Can you recommend me a good 4g USA proxy provider?

We do not recommend specific providers at the moment but you can check out Public Marketplace - MP Social for available proxy providers.

you can check @Boris he provide some good quality proxies for good prices, you can DM him and see how it goes

If you’re accounts are from US, you should definitely use US 4G proxies and not UK ones. You wouldn’t really want to imply in the first place that you’re in fact using proxies, you need to sound and feel to platforms as “human” as possible. If they get the slightest of notion that you’re botting, you might get banned.