Proposing a solution for combating follow blocks on new bot accounts

I’ve been following the recent topics around here with an observant eye and it is apparent that the vast majority of accounts that experience follow blocks are accounts that have been botting for a long time.

Many people suggested that Instagram could’ve implemented a lifetime follow limit, a statement that I highly disagree with. Namely, even though an absolute limit could be an easy solution when seen from some platform’s perspective, that solution at the same time is quite narrow-sighted and limited and you wouldn’t have to use any AI to implement this. Also, if that was the case, then accounts with a higher number of lifetime follows would necessarily experience throttle, but there are currently cases where accounts with a huge number of total follows, that have stopped botting for some time now, can follow without a problem. If there was an upper limit, then those accounts should’ve been affected as well. Another argument why this couldn’t be the case is that there are many accounts which have only up to 5000 total follows that were affected as well. Those certainly wouldn’t hit any upper lifetime limit but were affected nonetheless.

Now, on to the thing that I personally think affects how the follow blocks happen:

So, it is commonly known that Instagram loves to use AI for its algorithm in every direction of its platform - from hashtags, explore page, user behavior and so on. And for those unfamiliar with AI, it is only important to know that AI is solely based on huge data from which it derives patterns which ultimately bring some insight for the decision makers and the algorithm itself.

One of the most constant patterns that could be seen in the botting accounts when it comes to followings isn’t the high number of total follows, but rather the constant high number of daily (as well as hourly) follows

What almost all of us do (myself included) is set up a follow range that is not that wide, which results in similar daily follows through a longer time interval.

For example - if an account is comfortable with 400 daily follows (I don’t want to discuss if this is a conservative or liberal number, this is not a point of the thread, it is just a presupposed number), then most of us will set a range that isn’t wider than 100 (meaning the bot will follow between 350 - 450 followers daily). And even this range, I suspect, is quite liberal for most people, as many people’s range is even less than 50, some even going without a range at all.

A normal user would never do such a thing!

This is a clear sign of a well-organized pattern that is an easy thing for an AI to recognize. The reason why many of us do this is that we don’t want to waste any time and we are impatient to see results. But that’s where the problem arises.

Fast results ≠ Long term success

My main argument here is that many of the new accounts are not affected by this new wave of follow-blocks. Why this happens is because their daily and hourly follow rates still vary. Most of these accounts that you guys don’t have any follow blocks on are still in the warming up phase and they change (read increase) the daily and hourly limits, which doesn’t show an absolute pattern. However, as this change is only in one direction (namely, only increasing) a different kind of pattern can be recognized.

My solution to combat this would be to set a highly wide range of follows that the accounts execute daily. I will myself test this approach with many of the new accounts that I have in warming up phase that were not hit with a follow block.

The numbers that I will use will be as crazy as 20 - 450 daily follows with an hourly range of 6 - 35 follows.

I will try different numbers on different accounts, but most of them will have a huge gap between the lowest and highest number of daily follows.

Keep in mind that this is a long-term experiment and it isn’t something that I want to get any VISIBLE results out of. I don’t want to gain more daily followers, I don’t want to grow the accounts faster. I just want to make them stable and long lasting, sacrifising the rapid growth in that process.

Also, the best thing about this is that I could see it working for child accounts as well. Again, it won’t grow them or your main account as efficiently as possible, but it can bring a long-term growth and stability to the accounts.

Take into account that all of this is only my hypothesis as I haven’t tested anything. I will know if this is true or not only after the next wave of follow blocks in the following months. If the accounts that have this wide gap of daily follows resist the follow block wave, I will know whether this is moving towards the right direction.

If anyone else tries this, we could compare the results in the future publicly on the forum, so the rest of the guys here know if they should implement this or not.

What are your opinions on this?


I’m very happy that you made such productive thoughts. You’re a rolemodel for the fear-spreading people these days!

Great idea! Now we have to test this. I also had something like this in mind some time ago and there was someone throwing in this idea few weeks or months ago before the follow block waves started. But because you can’t use the full potential, like you said above, there were not many people liking this idea. Maybe now the time has come for this approach but we don’t know yet.

Another thing would be that with this approach a “conventional” warm-up wouldn’t be necessary anymore. I don’t believe in “acting human” like because Instagram knows everything, but in testing out which “rules” Instagram set for us. Maybe this is a new one.

But in terms of warm-up and acting human like. Increasing the follows by +10,25,50 each day is also something a lot of people don’t do in reality. Just think about younger people who are creating a second account or already used other platforms in the past. Their user behaviour is so fast and some of them are spending so much time on social media. Following a lot of people from the start and maybe just 1 person on the next day is something very common => random


I like your ideas and the way you think!

I guess only time will tell if you are correct

Sounds very good, I’m going to test it too on my unblocked account.:call_me_hand:

Great thinking guys. Just to give some data, I had only 2% of my accounts that are still following and they are both in the “warm up” phase so maybe it’s not a coincidence. Thank you for your tips and can’t wait to see the results of your tests. :slight_smile:

Great idea! I’ve accounts which are unblocked and I’m gonna do a split test to see what happens in the medium/long term

Nice work, I’m happy to test and pass the information on.

In the end I believe what we’re doing here is really similar to what SEO on Google used to be like. I remember the days when people created “satellite” blogs that link to each other in order for their page rank to increase. Some of the things still work, but Google has really cracked down on organic sites, and the system is still not perfect.

On Insta it looks like we just had “something” going on. I compare these satellites to what people call master/slave accounts. Powerlikes are comparable to what a link looks like from a page with high page rank, to a lower page rank website. What “human like” means, in this instance, has to be found out through testing.

Does anyone remember what the SEO community did when satellites didn’t work anymore? (Also there’s a distinction between SEM and SEO. Search Engine Manipulation vs. Optimization)


Thanks roy, it means a bunch coming from you as I’ve learned a lot from you in the modest time I’ve been here.

I don’t think the people who are scared or spread panic should be taken seriously as those are people that don’t really understand what is going on and base their emotions on ignorance. I don’t claim that I have an idea what is going on here (I am hilariously new to this game), but it’s an intellectual challenge for me to vivisect Instagram’s “brain” and that’s my main motivation here.

As for your proposition, I was thinking about skipping the warming phase, which makes a lot of sense. But it potentially could have problems doing that if the accounts are running on DC proxies, however, for mobile proxies or residential IPs it should perform better.

I will probably split test with and without warming, but I have a limited set of resources so I have to think it through before I take any actions.

At the end, this is just a game, so I am here for the fun.

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