Proxies And Instagram Help (FOR NOOBS)

It is a great forum for information, read this part over:

In order to run 10 instagrams you will need 2 devices at minimum, no proxies needed. 5 on one device, 5 on the other.


ok i guess its not your problem its mine sorry jeez still tho a little harsh :slight_smile: thanks man for the help though

Your welcome.

What software are you using to manage the multiple accs? As others have pointed out, if you’re not using any software (which we don’t), there is no need to use proxies at all. 1 device can add up to 5 accs.

Not sure from where you read all these advice on using proxies, but those belong to people who spam the bejezus out of social networks.

This forum doesn’t advocate that. :innocent:

The use of proxies, apart from example like above, is when they need to use it for travelling. Sometimes, changing location triggers their security and will block you. So by using proxies attaching to the account, you will avoid that if you travel from 1 place to another in a short time span.


Where did you get that “10” number from?

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It’s fact. You can create 10 per IG from the app. After some rest you can create more, but you need a new phone number etc. You can use 5 on the app, but it will kick off anything over number 5, unless you remove it.


There’s a workaround to have 6 accounts on each device (iphones). With some luck, I was able to get 7 but that was short lived. I have been running this on two devices since we had the power to add 4 more accounts. I do want to create a guide on it but i’d have to search to know whether or not it is covered. :smiley:

I have run 25 account instagram from IP home, never got banned until this day. But i got secondly random phone verification on random account.