Proxies And Instagram Help (FOR NOOBS)

Ive heard that you need like a proxy or something like that to start running multiple instagrams.

im just wondeing everything there is to know about before i start to make many instagram accounts

please just attempt to try and help me here

im new to this and would love some help


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If you would ask specific questions, you will receive more help i am sure.

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do you only need to buy a proxy just to set up the account

You can buy accounts and put them on proxies. Which is even sometimes the better solution since you never know the quality of a proxy.

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how do you put the account on a proxy… would the account be able to be ran on mobile or just desktop? :slight_smile:

None of those. If you have used MP in the past I would recommend contacting support with your forum username. They will then help you gain access to the part of the forum where are the guides and tuts are posted.

i was on a free trial when it got cancelled so i dont have one… is there anyway you can try and help tell the basics

If you don’t have MP, and it’s not being sold anymore, why do you need to put a bunch of IG’s on proxies? For fun?

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Dont you need to have proxies or you have to change your ip on instagram so they dont ban if you have multiple accounts

thats what i think i seen

Can you answer my question and I will try to answer yours?

i dont understand your question…sorry

i just thought that you needed proxies or like you had to change your ip address to run multiple accounts on instagram without getting banned

ask me your question again if you want :slight_smile: i would really appreciate the help

We also have no idea of what you are talking about.

How many Instagrams are you trying to run?

What are you trying to run them on?

My question was very simple and direct. If you don’t have Mass Planner and it is no longer available, why do you need information on how to add proxies to your Instagram?

ok… how are you able to run multiple instagram accounts without getting blocked by instagram isn’t there something you have to do


Answer these damn questions, with detail, in this order.

How many Instagrams are you trying to run? (A number, 1 instagram, 12 instagrams etc)

What are you trying to run them on? (on your phone, on a program, in your dreams etc)

  1. I would like to run atleast 10 account and maybe more

  2. I run them on my phone now and would like to, but if i have to run them on my computer i guess thats fine

You can create up to 10 Instagrams from any device through the app

You can run 5 at a time from within the app.

You can log into all 10 from any browser. Anymore than that and it no worky.

Was that so hard? There is also this thing called Google, with your username being totaltechguy, I am assuming you’ve heard of it.


jeez man im sorry i thought you’d get caught by instagram lol i mean im new to online and social media and making money online etc as im only 15 but i dont want to get caught soo

We have all tried to help you, and have asked you for more details multiple times in order to help you. I would highly suggest google searches first, asking good questions second. When people have to ask you multiple times for more information, then the problem is not them.

Best of luck on your meme page domination journey.

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If you limit yourself to 5 accounts you can use your home IP. If you do not abuse your accounts too much maybe you can make even more. Than you do not need proxies.

I had about 10 accounts in the past on my home IP. I remember that once I even complained to IG because I couldn’t put the same phone number in all of them. I am still waiting for their answer.

If you do everything yourself without software it will be hard to cross IG’s limits.


i understand how to google and i did that before i came here i just thought that you needed to buy like ip’s for your instagram just so you don’t get caught im sorry i even came on here i thought this was a good forumn for information