Proxies and Pinterest account creation: what's the process?

Hi all,
I want to create multiple Pinterest accounts using Jarvee on a VPS with proxies and I’m trying to figure out the best way to create the accounts.
Is a proxy going to look like a new desktop where I can install Chrome and use it to create the Pinterest account? And repeat that for each proxy/account?
Thanks for helping me understand

Just for the basic: A proxy is just/provides alternate IPs that you will use to create the accounts so pinterest doesn’t know you are a single person with multiple accounts.

A proxy you buy is not a new desktop where you can install things - it is an additional IP-address you can use/set in your apps so that specific application or account looks like it would operate from that IP.

So you buy some proxy IPs and then enter them in jarvee to create the accounts. I don’t know if jarvee automaticaly sets the proxy-ip that it creates the account from as the active one so that you can start right away managing it.

As for pinterest I would go with 3-5x accounts per proxy and residential should be the way to go but maybe you can get away with good datacenter-ips.

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Thanks a lot @abuhle132
“So you buy some proxy IPs and then enter them in jarvee to create the accounts”
That’s something I don’t really understand.
I enter the info of my accounts into Jarvee, but I can’t actually create the accounts with Jarvee. I still need to do that with a browser, don’t I?

Oh sorry!
I didn’t use jarvee the last couple month. I thought they integrated an account-creator for pinterest.

As I wrote in another thread for most of this tasks I used zennoposter and I see that there’s an closed template (bot) available -->

Other options would be to have somebody code it for you or buy some of the offered ones outthere but most of them seems outdated.

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Thanks a lot.
Zennoposter looks great. I definitely must learn how to use it and how to make macros in general.

For most simple tasks it isn’t that hard to learn as you have some sort record-mode means you do all the steps you want to automate once within the zenno-browser and it records every step. Then you can change every setting you’ve recorded like for example when you create accounts you want to make use of a TXT-file so it always grabs a different user-names etc.

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