Proxies and where to find a good source

Hi guys,

I noticed it’s extremely hard to find proxies haha but I understand also that it’s just not purely the proxy you need to worry about but also how you automate and use your profile.

Do you guys find someone privately or search around until you find a good source.

Thank you.

Yeah i’m not to sure what the go about this is as well.
As I had received a notification from iG that my account was compromised and forced me to change my pw and now i’m scared of using any of my third party apps as I’m fearing of a ban.

I’ve seen a few videos on YT on how to create your own mobile 4g proxy as i’ve heard that’s one of the best options?

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Yeah I don’t know either, with residential proxy’s it’s time consuming and expensive because I don’t know how much times you can take raspberry around to different houses to get there IP lol.

I don’t mind paying a good price, but because I don’t need to much it’s hard to find.

If you are looking for a 4G proxy provider, you can search on the forum here as there are multiple. One of them is Henry Cooper. You can use the search bar here to get more results.

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Yeah Henry Cooper is who I use - search though guys there are many threads on this.


Yeah, all sorted. Thank you for the plug guys.

You can try Nonymous, they provide great residential proxy

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Thanks Ruven, I’m sure this will help out other users. I am currently using Henry and it’s been very pleasant so far.

I’d recommend people giving him a go.

The 2 that I hear the most highly talked about are @HenryCooper and air proxies.

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Also going to give Henry a try. Thanks for the help!


No problem, it’s a good community here. Everyone helped out.