Proxies change countries


recently i came across a site selling dedicated proxies at a cheap price, however, some of the the proxies keep changing country every 12-24hrs.

so my questions are:

  1. since it’s the same ip eitherway, and i do not access my account out of jarvee, will the change affect it (it’s still the same ip:port).
  2. how does that happen? this is what the company claims but if it’s right, this probably means that all proxies face this issue.

"Webshare Proxy uses the same IP->Location databases majority of the target websites use. Also, Webshare queries and updates the location of the proxies every 15 minutes to ensure they are always up-to-date. This means that the proxy countries you see on Webshare matches to your target site over %90 of the time.

Location checking websites (e.g., and are not allowed to use the same databases the majority of target websites use. In some cases, Webshare Proxy location and the location from these websites may not match. If you still wish to remove some of the proxies from your Proxy List, contact us at"

P.S. i’m not trying to promote the company

Alot of Residential proxies can do this, but they also allow you to choose a country and specific ip. I have used something similar on scrapers and had lots of issues. I prefer sticky IP

you should not work with an IP that changes the country that will definitely get you trouble, you can work with dynamic IP but not changing countries.

Frequent country changes are never advisable for IG :flushed:
BTW… IG does not only see the IP address :wink: Always advisable to check your proxy and see if it is clean (that’s what proxy trials are for btw). If you can find irregularities, IG will for sure.

These seems to be dynamic rotating proxies.

i thought so too, but the ip hadn’t changed, only the country .

I had to leave them after all, not worth the risk at all.