Proxies, Dynamic IP, Post Per Days

Hello Guys, this is how I worked my fb accounts:

1 Profile - 10 Groups - 10 links
No more than 5 profiles per day

All was good. but suddenly facebook started to ban my accounts by cellphone and Id.

Some friends told me that I need to use:

  • VPN like hidemyass
  • Proxies per accout
  • Dynamic IP

I really don’t have idea how to set up all this and if this really is going to work I do spam, my friend don’t. I was reading that some people here use the same tools and have the same problems

I tried only with a VPN and change my IP, but facebook still recognize me. ¿What can i do?

and, any know any free method to verify accounts by cellphone?


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I think, that’s the keyword there. Regardless if you use a proxy, if other users start reporting your account or you use links that FB does not like, you’d still end up with the same problem. So I guess, you need to change the way you post, use spintax, use different images, etc. Mix your actions and make your account look as human as possible.

Best thing for you to do… is open up facebook part of this community and start listing posts and start learning about posting on facebook… to be able to post in long term successfully you need to prepare accounts (warm them up by performing different actions in massplanner - mimicking behaviour of normal facebook visitor), you need to find the best way to post the thing you are promoting, depending on number of profiles you are using you need different IPs (most people use proxies), you need to spin your comments… etc etc etc There is too many stuff there to be written all in just one reply to your comment… In general your goal is that you make your profile look like regular facebook visitor.