Proxies for client management

I just opened a ticket i wanted to buy some proxies from harry so i wanted to ask you guys first, ill probably run 6 accounts at the start and then 10 or 12 later so what proxies do i buy? Most of my clients are from the USA and they are artists, i managed their profiles without proxies for a while now and nothing happened. Like blocks happened like once every two weeks. Would i need mobile proxies is that 20$ one enough on its own?


When using raw mobile proxies you can stack quite a few on them but you have to do it slowly or you risk problems. I’m sure there’s a variety of factors to determine “how quickly”…I’m sure someone else more experienced could collaborate more than I.

However if you’re just looking at 6 accounts now then another 12 later…assuming you created them elsewhere you might be better off with his Quality proxies if they’re fairly new and growth accounts. I’ve had no real problems with them although I’ve only been using them for about a week so far.

That would then allow you to get the proxies setup asap for a slightly lower cost. That being said the raw-mobile is high quality to use BUT if you’re just starting to build accounts you will have to wait some time in between adding accounts to the proxy and if you’re impatient risk ruining all the accounts…which is a bad idea with clients :smiley:


Is this the harry you’re talking about?

If you plan on liking, & posting, etc. I would get the raw mobile. Or just do a trial first and see. :wink:


For Client Management use of course raw mobile w/5-20 Accounts (20$) or even his mobile 1:1 accounts (4$) exclusivly for Client Management.

Did someone of you made experiences with the quality (1$) or even budget (0,50$) proxies? I think my main accounts will better stay on raw mobile, but for strong and long term Mother slave accounts are they good enough?

I have been using some of the “Quality” tier proxies and so far they are working pretty good!

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Those are client, go safe and put them on raw mobile proxy, don’t try to save to much, doesn’t really worth lose a client and getting a bad rep for it.

well if you have the budget i will suggest you to go with private mobile proxies, but if not then i suggest you to try ipv6.

I was thinking about using 1 proxy per account and going with 10 accounts a month, thats my final goal, i just wanted to know if you can grow like 5 client aged accounts with the 20$. So the main question is do i buy two 20$ ones and stack 5 accounts on each or buy 10 mobile ones that cost 4$. I mean its the same investment only question is whats easier/safer. Thanks for supporting me im asking dumb questions probably.

yea i heard he’s a wizzard

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and is it safe to run 2 accounts without proxies while i wait for harry the wizzard to respond>?

go for the raw proxy, the 4$ is shared, so you don’t have the complete control on it, and you share risk with people you don’t know. I wouldn’t try ipv6 for clients accounts at all.

thanks man thats really helpful, how many accounts do you suggest per one raw proxy

People say 5-20 accounts depending on settings and account quality. The better the accounts the more you can put.

For clients I would go with 10 max. But when I practice more the M/S method I will try to blow it up to 20+ as the accounts doesnt matter as much as clients accounts. Just trying out some things in the next time.

Don’t buy anything from that scammer! :crazy_face:

Ask for the free trial tho in case you placed a paid-order right away, so he cannot scam you.


Since I found this scammer my life got better :nerd_face:

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Are all the proxies mobiles? Even the “quality” and “budget”?

Quality (US/EU) and Budget (Ukraine) is Datacenter.

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Okay so quality = mobile, budget = datacenter
I wonder why they are cheaper than asia, isnt US/EU more trustworthy in “Instagram’s eyes”?

Both Quality and Budget are Datacenter :slight_smile:

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