Proxies keep failing on jarvee


I’ve been using Highproxies as my ipv4 proxy provider for almost 4 months now, i do not use 4g/mobile proxies because all i do with my accounts is repost, in the past few days, i kept getting messages once every day of my proxy failing for a minute and then it all goes back to normal.

but just a few hours ago, all my proxies keep failing and i click verify all, some goes valid others go failing and the same loop goes on, (all keep failing) , so i thought the issue was with my proxies, so i went on and got a proxy from a different provider and tested it with jarvee, and it was the same fail/valid loop.

so i’m starting to thing that this issue is coming from jarvee, so i wanted to ask if someone had faced this issue before or is facing it now?

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I have noticed this too. For some reason lots are getting ban IP on sites so they must be shared profile second hand. Think IG is cracking down on IPs recently. Hopefully it doesn’t go to 4g

I can only speak on 4G proxies, no issues there.
It would be very very difficult and bad for IG business to go after 4G.
Maybe now, they will use their deep knowledge about DNS, TTL, UA and OS Fingerprints soon, to identify real 4G connections (not just IP addresses of 4G). Let’s see who gets the blame this time around :slight_smile:

you need to check with Jarvee support, send them all related screenshots and they will investigate the issue properly.

figured it out afterall, turned out the embedded browser in jarvee was stuck (the browser you get when you click on browse next to the proxy) , first time it opens the site fine, and if you click reload, you get stuck on a white screen.

all i had to do is turn off and turn on pc :expressionless: imagine my face after 5 hours (12 AM - 5AM) of complaining to jarvee and high proxies .

Yea I had the same problem but using 4g proxies, they were all in valid state and everything worked but when it was trying to send DM it said something wrong with proxy, I left it overnight and it fixed on it’s own.



We’ll find a workaround :smiley: We always do :muscle: :smiley:

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