Proxies needed for automation?

Been thinking about trying out TikTok automation recently and found a bot that will sort my needs.

Can I use IPV4 proxies? Or do I need resi’s/4G proxies?

Can’t find much information on automation…

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JV doesn’t even work for me for Tiktok, stuck on logging in, captcha…

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even tho Jarvee had some issues with TikTok but i’m still able to automate actions and get results, their developers are always updating it and fixing the issues.

using Jarvee you can use both IPV4 proxies and residential/4G proxies.

You need very good proxies for it to work. There are still a couple functioning services.

Yep, started to work, but seems to be engaging with huge accounts lol

Let me clarify something:

  • IPv4 proxies is the proxy format (eg And there is no extra “power, feature” posed by these IPs. They are the most used IPs today.
  • Resi/4G proxies are proxies from consumer-oriented Internet providers (Sprint, Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, Spectrum, Vodafone, Sky etc).

Now, a residential/4g proxy can come in 2 formats:

  • IPv4 format (Here’s a Verizon mobile IP in IPv4 format:
  • IPv6 format (another Verifon mobile IP but in IPv6 format: 2600:1005:b12f:a7b2:8569:bffe:de9a:1614)

You should always look for IPv4 IPs/proxies (most services offer them and they’re the default IP type of commercial proxies, so don’t worry about it).

But, what’s important is the Internet Provider that offers the proxy. The most human-like proxies, as used by the general public are residential and 4g mobile proxies. And they usually come in IPv4 format.

Regarding SM automation, the best IPs you can use are 4G mobile (because most users interact with SM accounts on their mobile, so it’s normal for a social media user to connect to a social network via a mobile IP (proxy), regardless if that mobile IP is in IPv4 or IPv6 format.

So, we need proxy for tiktok?

It’s best to use proxies if you’re running Jarvee on VPS or if you have more than three Tiktok accounts in Jarvee. If you have 1-3 accounts and you’re running Jarvee on PC, you can run them without proxies. It should be fine.