Proxies needed for multiple instagram account?

Hello all, i’m relatively new with this.

currently running 11 instagram accounts with a single IP (my home internet) then my friend suggest me to get proxy as its dangerous that it might be detected by instagram for botting ?

anyone know how many account would it be necessary for an ip to handle ?

and also is it necessary to get proxy ?

thanks mate…

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This guy run 120 FB accounts on single IP.


I run A LOT of IG accts and when I first started without proxies, I lost a lot quickly. since using proxies I have only lost a couple in the last year. And that wasn’t related to proxies. Proxies are safe.
Why risk building big accts then lose them all coz of something easily fixed by proxies?
I use this proxy company and I’ve never had any problems

I would recommend no more than 5 accounts on your home internet, and a maximum of 3 accounts on a Proxy.

I personally use only 2 accounts / proxy

I do not suggest running 120 accounts on a single IP. Thats crazy, and he is very lucky. His luck will run out eventually.


You can add max 2-3 accounts per IP (1 account per IP is ideal), in excess of that, better to get proxies. You may check out for more info on proxies. :slight_smile:

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The trick is - FB dont ban his accounts becouse he has dynamic IP. He changes his IP every 2-3 days by reseting router (he runs MassPlanner on his PC not VPS). FB wont ban residental IP (and accounts) becouse in that case it wouldnt be possible to access your accounts via Mcdonald or Costa WiFi.(many persons 1 IP at same time).


Wow, 120 accounts on one ip, that’s just asking for it :smiley:

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Very interesting. Kudos to him and anyone else who does this. I personally find peace in just using proxies as I dont have to keep on contacting my ISP to change the IP. I am with Shaw Cable and they do not allow the IP to change when the router restarted or disconnected for 30 minutes and plugged back in.

Anyways thanks for the share, Im sure this will encourage some creative thoughts and possible new strategies to improve this method.

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so i do have to get an proxy :frowning: lol and anyone knows whats the difference between private proxy and instagram proxy itself ? i checked the proxy recommended by MP and they stated that the instagram proxy is the only proxy we can use for instagram botting and it costs more…

Instagram proxy is the same proxy as a normal one, it’s just that they verified it that it works on Ig. Many proxies have been abused and some of them aren’t working with Ig anymore ( are on their blacklist) . It’s up to you what you get, you might get lucky and get a working one even if you don’t go for ig proxies, or not.

Hi Brandon,
And ho do you open the account for the first time. And what is the way to verify them with phone. Also if I am from India should I use India ip or it’s irrelevant ?

There are proxies which can be used for new account registrations on Instagram. They are “virgin” IPs most of the time which means those IP addresses haven’t been used on Instagram.

Search for phone verification or PV on this forum and you will find a lot of useful information related to your second question. :slight_smile:

And it doesn’t matter where does the proxies located. One thing you should be aware, if you registered the IG accounts from an IP from India, it can cause some ban if the proxies located in an another country.

More than 4 or 5 accounts running on the same IP can cause a ban, be careful!

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Thanks for the information. Here is the last question. How do you open an account with the proxy ip and use the same for continuous running. I mean do you use that same ip address on your mobile when you first open the account ?

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@akgdroid That’s not the problem

Would be very grateful if you elaborated because I have the same question.

I just bought a proxy for IG and have no idea how to use it. Do I enter it into wifi settings on iOS device and create a new instagram account straight away?

If so, do I have to turn that proxy on any time I want to access that IG account from my phone?

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