Proxies/VPN for manual?

Hey guys, been looking around the forum and can’t find a clear answer on this. So I want to do manual actions for my clients instead of botting, I cloned the ig app several times so I can run more than 5 accounts. But obviously IG would detect all the activity from one phone, what would be the way around this? Multiple phones or just use a VPN when doing the actions? Any help would be super appreciated if you guys have any insight. Staying well under the current IG limits.

You’ll need both multiple phones and proxies. You can use 3-5 accounts per phone, the lower number the safer you are.

VPN has nothing to do with the devices. We repeated this several times it’s all about the number of actions, you can have many accounts as you want but if you try to “bot” manually you will be detected anyway. We tried 10 accounts in Android with no problems, but always doing as any person would do it, nothing systematic.

Also keep on mind if you are managing clients accounts IG will detect simultaneous actions from you and your client in a different location, you will get blocks.

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