Proxy and instagram login activity

This image is just an example.

If I’m using JV at an AWS Server on Cleckheaton, England but with a proxy from Cleveland, US. My instagram account instagram login activity should show Cleckheaton or Cleveland?

My login activity always show Cleckheaton.

Your login location should show the proxy location if you’re using it correctly.

Did you try to launch the embedded browser from the account in question and see what whatsmyip has to say?

I did a new test using Chrome with an extension to use proxies,
whatsmyip showed IP from Cleveland but after login through Chrome, the IG account login activity showed the IP from AWS Server, in Cleckheaton.

Later I will try the embedded browser and will tell you.

Could it be a leak ? What chrome extension did you use ?

I tested with Proxy SwitchyOmega extension and embedded browser, never shows the proxy location.

Has instagram found a way to pass through the proxy and identify the server location?

My guess is that your proxies are not of a decent quality. Some proxies do not mask your actual IP and can be easily discovered by the end.

Try different ones. Also if you’re in need of Instagram proxies, you could give a try on @HenryCooper proxies which – for their current price – are one of the finest on the market.

your browser is leaking the IP. webrtc might be enabled.

Try proxy checker

I´m using highproxies.

That’s weird. Shouldn’t happen if you covered all footprints. Try anonymous mode and check your browser setting if it leaks any locations to Instagram

I checked every step with highproxies support.
They said that everything is correct. no mistakes.

It is weird that the ISP is not from USA is from England.

My IP Information:

ISP:HOST1PLUS hosting services. England.
HOST1PLUS hosting services. England.
Services:None detected
Type: Corporate
Assignment: Likely Static IP
Continent: North America
Country:United States us flag
State/Region: Ohio

disable location service in chrrome

Instagram has been using old DNS server databases.
For example, if using Highproxies, and the proxy is Cleveland, but a month ago, or so, the proxy was in the UK, Instagram will show the UK proxy.

Also, Highproxies buys IPs from other providers. Many of these are not US based. Thus, if they assign you a proxy in the East Coast of the US, and the provider is a German company, Instagram will show your IP to be in Germany.
This is because the IP assigned to you at an earlier time was located somewhere else, and good old Instagram does not want to spend the money to refresh their servers.
It’s been happening all year. This is why you have to test the proxies before using or creating Instagram accounts.

The problem is that IG is detecting the location of the AWS server, even with proxy working.