is it for real?


so how is it going?


Some of my accounts was effected by this ig update, but 75% of accounts working just fine.


Thats great news to hear


Are these proxies ipv6? It’s too cheap to be ipv4, or they are just sharing them


there are IPV6 of course!!


How do I get into that website? I created an account but it says I don’t have access to “Atlassian” with that account. Then I create a new account and it does the same thing.


Okay, I tried proxy-cheap and instant regret.

The “Instagram proxies” all have instant Actions Block both for Liking and Following < Aged accounts, under 6k/30 days, all working fine on my residential IP and proxies from a different provider.

The “Mobile proxies” supposed to be in the US, I ordered it that way, and got to a PayPal checkout page confirming the order of US proxies - below a screenshot of my order in PayPal.

It turned out the IP was actually in Lithuania not in the US. Afterward, I was told they no longer have Unites States IP’s available and they refused to offer a refund or appropriate resolution. They insist “the location of a proxy does not matter” and “you should just tell your clients that you hire people in Lithuania”. Which IMO is not their call to make.


Where you get your mobile proxies bro?


Could you share the provider please!! as I"m looking for new sources for some new accs!!


Sorry, meant to say proxies, not mobile. I’m still on HighProxies for most clients and am on the lookout for Mobile or Residential proxies but it’s not easy.


many here are recommending Henry Coopers proxies but personally didn’t try it yet!!! it’s about 20$ per mobile proxy


I think it’s only about $4 per mobile proxy but it’s important to only use 1 account per proxy with those.

My issue with those proxies is that they are in Thailand, I tried them about 6 months ago but my client’s don’t like getting “suspicious login attempt” notifications form Thailand.

Proxy providers often say that the location of a proxy does not matter at all but I disagree. The login location can make a client very uncomfortable and I even had a client in a different country whose “About this account” section changed to my country :exploding_head: She was not amused as it even broke her business account’s ability to tag products. Apparently, that is linked to the country you’re in or something.


I am using mobile proxy from proxy-cheap. Costs 35$. Running 4 clients account. Slowly warming up. Increasing 30 actions (15 follow+15 like) daily. Currently at 70 follow daily. So far very good proxy.


Are you running 4 clients on a single proxy? Did you verify them all at the same time?


yes 4 clients for 1 proxy. 3 is recommended. But I am doing fine with 4 clients. And I did not verify them at the same time. I verified 2 accounts within 30 mintues. took 2/3 hours break and verified other two.