is it for real?


during my Facebook searches i came along some Jarvee group that claim that they are the official jarvee group for e-learning, i dought them because they only have about 136 members :joy::joy:
here is thier link link

so inside their group there was an advertisement about some proxy company called, they claim that they can give 50 virgin ip’s with only 20$ that are compatible with any automation software like jarvee and so.

my problem starts when i asked about trial period, which they give gladly, but they ask for my vps or local computer IP, because thier ips doesn’t have user or password so they have bind the ips to my local ip.

is this security safe thing to do, pls help

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@Adnan @Johnny


some proxy company does use IP auth and not user:pass auth.

cannot vouch for them, but yeah.

Yes you need to tell the proxy your VPS IP. Then it is licked to only that IP, preventing others from using it.

Pretty sure that Jarvee don’t recommend any proxies as they say it’s a conflict of interests.


Discussing IG Automation in a fb group is maybe not the smartest thing :sweat_smile:


Like those Instagram Models.
100% Virgin.


I doubt they’re really the official Jarvee group, specially because they’re using Facebook… Probably just some group to promote services. 50 virgin proxies for 20$ is definitely untrue too.

Yes, it’s called ip authentication, never heard of them tho.
Lately i hear lot’s of people using IPv6 proxy on ig working without much trouble, using them on clients account, and heard people vouch the seller. Will may give a try on those since they are stupid cheap.

How are you paying? I wouldn’t pay for that with crypto. Also, I personally don’t think it’s real because I find it hard for a company to offer 50 proxies for $20(especially virgin ones. )

They offer paypal

You mean this specific seller? I was just going to get raw mobile proxy elsewhere but now thinking is this company legit. Maybe gotta do some more research then.

No, never heard of this seller before. I was referring to a seller who sell Ipv6 and has been vouch a lot.

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They provide ipv6 proxies.
0,4$ per ipv6 proxy is not really cheap

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are you planning to use these for slave accounts or CPA spam accounts?

Slave for insta or for posting on fb

Does they work ok for you?

didn’t try, they have demo

i had many trouble with ipv6 on fresh accounts, they are not really cheap, and saw them do a shittons of bad spamming everywhere on FB

They have fake reviews.


I did took a risk and placed an order 2+ weeks ago. Straight after start they did not work for me, as i didn’t know how to warm them up, i faced a lot of blocks. They have switched IPs for me and after keeping accounts couple days off I did start from beginning. So far it works for me. I’ll be updating you guys, thanks.