Proxy Error Liking Specific Users but Following works Fine

One of my clients wants to like only specifc users (Businesses they work with) but I’m getting a proxy error…Using HC mobile…Follows are working fine though

Some sort of block?

Still having this issue…My account will follow fine, and like followers of certain accounts fine, but wont like the posts of specific users. When I set an account to ONLY like specific users’ posts from a list, it shows as a “proxy error” and doesnt like those posts.

This is important for my client as they want to like their sponsors’ posts whenever they post.

Could this be the specific users are blocked? Are my settings filters wrong? I have it set to ignore user filters…I’ve messaged support and they said they want VPS access details which I’m fine with doing if it comes down to it…But could there be another easier way to accomplish this?

Any suggestions here?

have you tried different proxy? not necessarily different proxy provider
try checking your existing proxy in proxy manager.

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There is no issue with the proxy in the proxy tab, or issue with liking or following its ONLY liking specific users that is the issue…Should I create the profile from scratch or try a different proxy or different settings?

have you tried restarting program? (J/M?)
have you tried turning off and on the tool?
is it working if you are liking lets say

  1. people who interacted with target accounts
  2. specific people posts?

try if that solves your problem, because for 1) you can like people who interacted with YOUR account which is some form of “remarketing” / building some sort of relationship with your clients clients :smiley:

and then also are you going for API/EB/EB+API?

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Restarted program many times, tried turning on off tool, people who interacted with target accounts works, doesnt like specific peoples posts which is most important what I’m trying to fix for my client, only using EB

i am meeting a client shortly, after meetings ill see if I can help you out somehow since my clients have very similar requests

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Thank you so much! :pray: