Proxy for account creation and management

I’m new here so apologies if this is a repeat question, but I did not see an exact answer after searching around. Here is my problem:

  • I just purchased a proxy for IG
  • I want to create a new IG using that proxy, and then automate that account using a bot I have.
  • I have heard mention that you can’t use proxys on iphones, but idk if that is true.
  • If that is true, will all management (posts, etc.) of this new account have to happen on my laptop? I know I can use the bot for posting, following and unfollowing, but wondering if mobile use is not an option period.
  • Finally, if mobile isn’t an option w/ proxy, how would I do things like DM back and forth from those accounts since DMing is not supported on desktop IG.

Thanks in advance

I see you just joined a few hours ago so there is no way you soaked up all the valuable knowledge on this forum yet. Punch in a few of these keywords to start in the search bar and get to reading :slight_smile:

“phone proxy”

“account creation”

Some bots also support DM’s. Which bot do you have now ?

I am using followadder, which I love. However, it does not support account creation. I also don’t think you can read incoming DMs, only send them. After doing more research, I still have 2 major questions.

From the way I understand it, Instagram searches for multiple accounts coming from the same IP address. So, if I create an account on my phone without a proxy, but immediately set up a proxy on followadder for that account and manage it that way, will I still be flagged? If so, the only way to create an account would be to input that proxy on my desktop, create the account on my desktop, then put the proxy in followadder and only control through automation, correct?

Is there no way to use the iphone app with an account using a proxy without getting flagged? Apologies for the ignorance but I am not tech savvy in this dept… can I or can I not use a proxy with my phone and access the app that way?

@bbsocial PM @Adnan he has a great list of bots that are still working . I am using one of the bots on his list and it works perfect . Make sure you PM him .


I said screw it and just went for it.

Put in the proxy on my desktop, created an account, and put that account into my bot with proxy. I do hope that was right.

Final question!

Do I have to have my proxy turned on on my laptop every time I run the bot for that account? Or is putting the proxy info into the bot good enough. AKA, will proxy turn on/off automatically every time I run automation for that account.

really appreciate the feedback, just would prefer not to switch bots since I am generally happy with mine.

Hi guys. I dont know if its legal to ask here ( and my english is terrible also )

I was a massplanner user in the past. How can I still use it ? How you guys do ?

Thanks =)

mp doesnt work anymore.